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AEGIS Media office
YEAR 2013
SIZE 12 000 m²

Архитектурное проектирование

Инженерное проектирование



The new office of the world’s largest communications holding, Aegis Media, is located on the third floors of the Imperia towers in Moscow City. One of the goals of the project was to unite the holding’s six agencies into one space; they were earlier located in different parts of the city. The Aurora team was faced with the task of showcasing the individuality of each agency while highlighting a single style and continuity to the whole space so as not to mar the sensation that a world-leading company of the media communication market should produce.

The new office space also needed to facilitate solutions to a number of organizational and strategic tasks of the business, including reorganizing the business processes, increasing the comfort and attractiveness of the work space, attracting and retaining company personnel, and developing and encouraging internal communication and creative processes. For a more precise understanding of the holding’s needs, specialists from Aurora held an internet survey of employees and interviewed the company’s top managers. As a result of the research undertaken, technical specifications were developed that found expression in the unique office space of the new Moscow headquarters for Aegis Media.